About Hoosier Region Volleyball, an affiliated region of USA Volleyball

Hoosier Region offers several different memberships, to determine which might be best for you or your junior player CLICK HERE.

Hoosier Region Volleyball is one of forty affiliated regions of USA Volleyball that oversee, manage and promote the sport across the United States. When you register for a membership with Hoosier Region you also affiliate with USA Volleyball, the recognized governing body of our sport. Approximately one half of the membership fees we collect each season are forwarded on to USA Volleyball to support national programs including the United States Olympic Volleyball Teams in an Olympic year. As a member you directly support the growth of our great game at the highest international levels as well as at the state, local and grassroots levels. For more detailed information on why Hoosier Region and USA Volleyball programming is the best choice for your family or club please click here.

You must be a current member of Hoosier Region in order to participate in any regionally sanctioned event as well as any USA Volleyball national events including the United States Adult Open Championships, the Girls Junior National Championships (GJNC) and the Boys Junior National Championships (BJNC). You must also hold current membership to act as a Club Director, Coach, Adult Chaperone, Event Director, Certified Official, Certified Scorekeeper or as a player within our organization.

Other benefits of Hoosier Region / USA Volleyball membership include:

  • Insurance coverage including secondary accident coverage for those participating at events as well as liability coverage protecting event directors and facility managers. While many other organizations sell these coverages or do not include them with the base membership these items are free with a Hoosier Region / USAV membership.
  • A mandatory background screening program where every adult member with junior contact must clear one of the most extensive screening programs in organized sports. Hoosier Region, as an affiliated region of USA Volleyball, also follows the mandatory standard of those same adults with any junior contact being Safe Sport certified to better protect our membership.
  • Other policies and guidelines to protect all of our members and offer uniform event structures.
  • Educational opportunities for coaches, club directors, players and officials.
  • Access to all USAV resources and programming.

Please direct any questions about our organization or programming to the Acting Commissioner, at hoosiervba@comcast.net.