There will be a Hoosier Region Board meeting Friday, July 17th 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Due to the coronavirus this will be done as a virtual meeting. We will be using Zoom, if you are interested in attending send an email to and an invite will be sent to you.

We have the following positions open:

Jr. Coordinator

Beach Representative

Boy Jr. Representative

Grass Roots Coordinator/Representative

We are adding the following positions to the Hoosier Region:

Large Club Representative:  Will represent all clubs with more than 15 teams and generally facility driven.

Small Club Representative: Will represent all clubs with less than 15 teams and not generally facility driven.

The head of each of these division would be an individual either elected or appointed and shall be overseen by the junior rep. Each division rep should preside over a subcommittee that will determine things in quarterly meetings that are relevant to their division.  These quarterly meetings will discuss rule changes, issues at hand, and brainstorm ideas that will help these divisions contribute to the growth of the region as a whole.  These members will need to be able to separate what is best for the individual to what is best for volleyball within the region.

If you are interested in any of these positions please send your volleyball resume to