Plainfield, IN
Saturday April 5th, 2014
About 800 fans were treated to a spectacular day for top collegiate programs to give a sneak preview for players that might be seen on the floor next Fall season. Sixteen Universities played a combined 144 sets of volleyball at Capitol Sports Center in Plainfield IN.
There were two pools of 4 with a crossover match, and 3 pools of 3
with re-pooling in the afternoon based on the morning round finish.
Purdue, IUPUI, Lipscomb, and West Virginia were in a pool of 4 which Purdue won with a 4-2 match record.
Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois State, and Illinois-Orange were in a pool of 4 which Kentucky won with a 5-1 match record.
Illinois was in the enviable position of having 2015 incoming freshman graduating at semester and getting their first look playing collegiate volleyball, so they had two teams in the tournament with 8 on each team.
In the pools of 3 were: Michigan State, Louisville, and University of Indianapolis – Louisville went 3-1 to win the pool.
Ball State, Ohio State, and Indiana State’s pool saw Ohio State dominate with a 4-0 record.
Western Kentucky, Illinois –Blue, and Akron competed with Illinois Blue winning that pool.
In the 1st place team’s pool of 3, Louisville went 2-2, Ohio State went 1-2 and Illinois-Blue went 2-1. Due the late hour and fatigue with the athletes, Ohio State ant Illinois just played one set which Ohio State won 25-20.
The Spring volleyball season for Collegiate programs is not about the wins and losses. It’s used primarily to get a look at new or current players, identity areas where improvement is needed, and to see how hard the players compete.
The event was put on by veteran USA volleyball member, Eric Bulmahn, and made possible with support from Circle City Volleyball, Hoosier Region of USA Volleyball, Custom Sport Uniforms and over 60 volunteers from USAV volleyball club players in the Indianapolis area.
Of course the ones that really made this possible were the Universities from Purdue, IUPUI, Ball State, Lipscomb, Kentucky, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois State, Illinois, Western Kentucky, Akron, Michigan State, Louisville, Indianapolis, Ohio State and Indiana State.