We received a series of emails last evening from USA Volleyball concerning issues with their system that hosts web courses for coaches (IMPACT) and on-line officiating courses. Here is a statement on the current situation from USAV:

“In speaking with our vendors, we have decided the best course of action is to shut the system down until they can repair to the capacity in which we need it – and to the capacity they promised would be available to us. We are very hopeful the system will be up and running by January 2, and a notice to that effect will display whenever someone tries to log into LMS from VRT.”

Deadlines will be extended on any courses that carry a mandatory completion date according to what we were sent last night. As soon as we at Hoosier Region are notified that the system is back in service we will post a message here with the latest information.

Please contact Mitch Stemm at msjrcoord@aol.com with any questions.