Register and become a member of Hoosier Region / USA Volleyball


All Hoosier Region 2019 – 2020 season registrations must be entered on line using the USA Volleyball Webpoint system. As in the past an electronic signature is built in as part of the process.


Juniors (18 years of age and under) will need a parent or legal guardian present when they electronically register for membership as some of the information asked for pertains to the parent or guardian.

You must at the minimum register for the $10 Entry Level Membership, this will allow you to participate in as many as five try outs. This $10 membership amount will be credited in full should you accept an invitation to join a Hoosier Region affiliated club and upgrade to the Full Junior Membership. You must upgrade to the Full Junior Membership in order to join a club and participate beyond try outs. The $10 Entry Level Membership is not refundable for cash or credit in any case except this upgrade.

Please choose “Undecided” from the drop down menu indicating your club choice when you register, this can be updated later. (This would also be the case if your new club is not yet on the drop down menu for HR clubs).

Prior to any try out you will be asked for proof of a current 2018 – 2019 membership in order to participate. Accepted documents for that purpose include a copy of the welcome e mail you receive after successfully registering or a print out of your current HR/USAV membership card from your record in the system.



ADULTS WITH JUNIOR CONTACT (Club Director, Coach, Chaperone or Junior Event Director):

You are required to have proof of a current USAV membership and pass the USAV background screen before you are eligible for any participation. (Once passed the screen is good for two seasons so if you are a previous member check your record for status prior to registering). You will see a section where you request the background screen during the registration process.


NOTE: If you were a member of any other USA Volleyball region except Hoosier when you last registered USAV please contact BEFORE YOU BEGIN REGISTRATION. Include your full name, date of birth and home region from your last registered season and we will soon contact you telling you to proceed.

RENEWAL OR CURRENT MEMBER OF HOOSIER REGION: If you are a previous or current member of Hoosier Region CLICK HERE to renew or upgrade your membership.

Renew or Upgrade Membership

NEW MEMBER REGISTRATION: If you have never been a member of Hoosier Region or any affiliated region of USA Volleyball CLICK HERE to register.

New Member Registration

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