Registrations are now open for the 2019-20 HR season, I apologize for the delay in opening. With entering events ASAP likely a club priority for club leaders please keep in mind that all current members have a membership that lapses October 31, 2019. Because no tourney entry service I am aware of is verifying rosters right now (possibly some qualifiers) I believe you can enter events with the minimum requirements until October 31 (and possibly later depending on the event protocols). Please keep that in mind as many events do begin taking entries October 1.

To begin any registration on this home page go to the Jump Serve menu, click the “Become a Member” button and proceed from there. Remember to check with your club prior to registering to see if you should electronically pay during the registration or pay your club directly.

Also, please choose your club choice as “Undecided” from the drop down menu if you don’t see your club yet appear. That will not impact your registration going through and can be edited.

Please reach out to the Acting Commissioner, at with any issues or questions.