Here is why the Hoosier Region and USA Volleyball is the right choice for you:

The Hoosier Region and USA Volleyball (USAV) set the standards, maintains full time staffs and specialize in volleyball 24/7, 365 days a year.

USA Volleyball is the National Governing Body (NGB) in the United States for indoor and beach volleyball, the only organization so recognized by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB).

With the NGB responsibility comes the management of the men’s and women’s national team programs (men’s and women’s indoor and beach teams as well as the multiple men’s and women’s paralympic programs) where every fourth year those teams transition to become the USA Olympic teams. At the other end of the spectrum USAV and it’s forty regions lead the way in grassroots programming to insure continual growth of the sport from the ground up. No other organization is so totally invested in the sport of volleyball nor is any other organization charged with overseeing every aspect of the health and well being of the sport.

The Hoosier Region Volleyball Association is an affiliated region of USA Volleyball and like USAV also operates as a non-profit organization. The Hoosier Region shares the goals and philosophies of USAV while focusing on our specific mission to grow and improve the sport of volleyball in the state of Indiana. When you join Hoosier Region approximately half of your membership fee is passed on to USA Volleyball to support national programming.

College scholarships and Olympic dreams begin with USA Volleyball, which has 40 member regions and over 300,000 individual members affiliated nationwide.

Local, Regional and National Events

Players have the opportunity to play in quality, exciting Hoosier Region and other USAV sanctioned competitions – both indoor and outdoor – that are open only to Hoosier Region/USAV members.

Membership with a USAV affiliated region provides opportunities for teams from all 50 states to compete for the title of “National Champion” in the only true and recognized national championship volleyball events; The Adult Open Championships, The Girls Junior National Championships and the Boys Junior National Championships. With the advent of the Junior Beach Tour USAV now also hosts a recognized Junior Beach National Championship event every summer.

Security, Safety and Background Checks

Hoosier Region and USAV provide extensive safety and security checks in which every adult coach, official, team representative, or club staff member that has contact with youth-level players is required to pass an extensive background screening process. Our combined organizations are committed to the protection of our junior membership. USA Volleyball and their affiliated regions are the ONLY volleyball organizations which require this degree of mandatory background screening.

With the January 1, 2013, launch of the USOC/USAV Safe Sport program another layer of education and protection for our Hoosier Region membership was added.

  • As of this (2017-18) season any adult member who is required to have a current background screen is also required to successfully complete Safe Sport certification in order to participate. Safe Sport is a United States Olympic Committee (USOC) mandated program which all national governing bodies of Olympic sports (NGB’s) such as USA Volleyball support and promote. The program is designed to better protect our junior members against abuse and abusive behavior as well as providing education for all to recognize the warning signs of inappropriate or abusive behavior.


We set standards for facility safety and we are proactive in teaching safety issues to players, coaches, club directors, officials and event organizers to ensure the safest environment possible.

Our members benefit from having a comprehensive insurance package provided to them as a no charge benefit of their registration fees.

Parent Involvement

Opportunities exist for parents to be involved in the Hoosier Region Volleyball Association governance structure and to make positive changes in the sport at the national level. Parents can also become active in the sport as scorekeepers, referees, coaches or even play in their own adult league. We provide parent outreach programming to better educate the entire family unit on the sport of volleyball and the impact our organization can provide.

USA Volleyball and Hoosier Region Set the Standard – Open and Transparent Governance

USAV sets the standards for governance and specifies that every region in the country meet specific criteria to remain in good standing. Hoosier Region meetings – including its bi-annual board meetings – are open to the public and member participation is encouraged.

USAV authors beach and indoor rules standards for use by every other affiliated youth and adult volleyball organization in the United States.

Educational Opportunities for the Beginner to the Advanced Coach/Official

All Hoosier Region/USAV junior coaches must complete minimum coaching education requirements through the USAV Coaching Accreditation Program (CAP). A perpetually updated introductory level coaching clinic, called IMPACT, is delivered both locally by the RVAs and in national webinars. USAV has partnered with the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) to offer the next level of training with online courses including on demand courses that can be completed round the clock.

Individuals within Hoosier Region/USAV have the opportunity to advance their coaching skills through the CAP program with modules taught by highly qualified coaches including members of the National Team coaching staffs.

The annual USAV High Performance Coaches’ Clinic brings in the top coaches from across the United States and around the globe to expand the coaching curriculum.

USAV CAP, Sports Medicine and High Performance programs provide cutting-edge teaching methods, information and technology through its relationship with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) programs and other national federations.

Hoosier Region and USAV develop high-quality referees and scorekeepers who must undergo certification training, creating a pool of regionally and nationally certified court officials.

Programming Benefits for Hoosier Region and USA Volleyball Members

Both the Hoosier Region and USA Volleyball maintain full time staffs that are dedicated to only the sport and business of volleyball. Please see our web sites for office information, contacts and business hours.

Hoosier Region/USAV members are eligible to try out for and participate on Regional or National High Performance teams, including Team USA squads that compete internationally in zonal and World Championship events that are part of the Olympic pipeline.

USAV has an extensive awards program with categories for athletes, coaches, officials/scorekeepers, junior representatives, sports medicine and national leaders for the sport.

Grassroots Development at Youth and Adult Levels

Hoosier Region and USAV re-invest in the sport through financial support for under-represented populations including Starlings USA, economically-disadvantaged clubs, boys’ youth/college men, military and a wealth of disabled and paralympic programming.

A huge amount of free grassroots sport development material is available on the USA Volleyball Web site, including Best Practices and “How To” instructions designed for players, club directors, coaches, officials and parents for all levels.


By joining the Hoosier Region you not only support our organization but you support USA Volleyball and all the programs which grow and maintain the game.